About the End

Welcome to the blog for Grisleigh End, home of riddles, intrigue, conspiracies and subtle secrets.  Feel free to move about the mansion and grounds, but please do so with caution and a sharp eye.  Your fate, and that of the other guests, shall certainly depend on it.

Grisleigh End is the setting for a suite of games, all utilizing the stunning artwork of Jon Anderson, master penman and classic mystery aficionado.  An English manor on the Welsh borderlands, the End is the ancestral home of the late Lord Redmayne, the 13th Baron Grisleigh. Obscured by seemingly impenetrable layers of tradition, history, and the occasional cobweb, keys to the secrets of the family and its enormous wealth can be found on every side.  Determining where to use them is another matter entirely!

Origins 2014 (20)Our first game in development, Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion, which has been in public play testing since early 2014, is a board game requiring each player to survive the house and the machinations of its inhabitants while gathering proof  of being the sole rightful heir to the fortune of the late Lord Redmayne.  Try to outwit your opponents, but there may be times you need their aid and that of the servants, so consider carefully the strategic implications of your choices. You never know just what might happen as you make your way through the manor and it really is never the same experience twice.

We are also making progress on our first mobile game, Grisleigh End: Murder by the Book, the first in a series of adventure murder mysteries.  While the board game is all about grabbing the money, here you’re tasked with actually figuring out whodunnit, and we haven’t made it easy.  Puzzles and clues are hidden all about the old manor, and you shall have to put the little grey cells to work to catch the culprit!

With inspiration drawn from the great works of Agatha Christie and Ellery Queen, Francis Iles, Anne Hocking and scores of others, and thematically set in the golden age of detective fiction, Grisleigh End is sure to tickle your mystery bone.

Designed for three to six players of ages eight and up, Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion will keep everyone on their toes, plotting their moves, and checking over their shoulders.  Almost as if they could actually reach their destinations unharmed. (cue villainous laughter)

If you’re interested in playing GE: Estate of Confusion, please check our Where to Find Grisleigh End page for our upcoming events, or contact us to see if we can bring the game to you.

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  1. Simce it is thematically set in the Golden Age of Detective Fiction, I trust your game is also influenced by the work of Wilkie Collins, the Father of Detective Fiction; The Moonstone immediately comes to mind….

  2. This games looks like it will be loads of fun! The artwork is phenomenal, I’m really looking forward to seeing more of the gameplay elements as well. My first thoughts are of Betrayal at House on The Hill, which utilizes the spooky old mansion vibe, though the artwork and mood created her are far more intense! I’ll be keeping a close eye on progress so I can get a copy early on!

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