Semi-Blind Playtests Scheduling Now

We have begun our alpha testing, lining up gaming groups to play the Grisleigh End board game with only the instructions and the game itself.  In this initial round, we’re working with gamers we already know and doing a pretty soft launch.

This means that we won’t be locking our testers in a windowless room with hidden cameras and microphones to capture every nuanced reaction for analysis by our crack team of psychologists, sales and marketing specialists, user experience designers, and zeppelin pilots.  (We’ll save all that for later.)  These friends, friends-of-friends, friends-of-friends’-friends, and total strangers will have a Council member on hand to not only log players’ feedback but to resolve any real stumpers that arise (hence, semi-blind.)  and add to our FAQ.

We will begin our next round, the truly blind playtest, within a few weeks.  All of this in preparation, of course, for taking the game to our first cons and really letting the feline out of the body bag.

GE Boardgame QuestDiary-1

Got your quest diaries ready?

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