Wonderful WittCon!

Had a great time at WittCon today. All-day gaming and all-you-can eat pizza for dinner, all for $5 is a pretty splendid opportunity.  And awfully nice of them to name this event in honor of our newest card, the 11th Hour!

For me, it was also nice to visit my old school and introduce some new folks to Grisleigh End! Had local players as well as visitors in from Pittsburgh and Detroit, and our first European player. Feedback continues to be positive, and the recently-added Early Exit Strategy received more confirmation in every game we played today. Our playtesters gave great suggestions for tweaks as well.

Now looking ahead to our first Unpub event at Epic Loot Games and Comics in Centreville next Saturday!


Post-CincyCon Activity

Although CincyCon isn’t a particularly large game convention (900-ish attendees), that didn’t slow down the rush of people to play Grisleigh End.  I ran games almost CincyCon Aerial Viewnon-stop on Saturday, to the point that it took reviewing the photos I’d taken to figure out how many sessions we had!  Everyone had a blast and provided lots of good feedback for us to mull over in our design sessions.

(“What’s that?” you ask, “You’re still holding design sessions?”  Of course we are.  As the saying goes, ‘designing a game is never completed, only abandoned.’)

Exhausted but happy, by the time the day was over I was ready to throw in the towel and tell gamers they’d have to find us at another convention.

Fortunately, Grisleigh End will be at several gaming conventions in the near future:

CincyCon Session3We’re looking forward to seeing many of you at these events.  In the CincyCon Session4meantime, we’ll get our notes from the fabulous sessions at CincyCon in better order and post some of what our players shared with us.


We are here, we are here, we are here (at CincyCon, that is)

Grisleigh End grabbed the first slot of the day and was ready for players when the event opened.  All the preparation left us with a bit of free time before the “registered” participants checked in, but that didn’t prevent a few “unofficial” folks from getting in on the action.  Check out this fast-moving player staking out his power claim on The Butler right as the game begins!~>

Werewolf claims Butler-2More fun to come!

Getting ready for CincyCon on Mar 21-22

We haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, being hugely busy with playtesting  and preparations for CincyCon.  The new boards are pretty awesome-looking (I’d include a picture, but it wouldn’t do them justice.) but the cards still leave something to be desired, so we’re still working on those.

Huge apologies to all of you still awaiting our bringing the game to you;  everyone’s pressed for time, but we’re learning so much with every group that plays and what you get will be a better game for it, promise!  We have a list of requests and have checked it (at least twice!)  If you want to make sure you’re on that list, email us at councilofcreators.maslowsix.com.

Feedback from our playtesters has been very useful, whether about presentation (such as how to make the text on cards easier to read in lower lighting settings), the writing (“If you reword this, you’ll save text and reduce possible misinterpretations.”), the rules (“I want this feature, and I want it NOW!”), it’s all useful.  It all goes into the Council gristle grinder and comes out as gold.

We’ve made significant improvements in several areas in the past weeks and are very much looking forward to our public debut at CincyCon in six (6!) days.  Bengt will run three sessions but with a limit of 6 players per game we expect to fill up quickly so be sure to grab a reserve ticket while they’re still available.  Players aren’t -required- to have tickets to play but having one guarantees a seat.

That’s all for today, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite action cards, the Not Quite Dead!P'raps I'll go for a stroll.