Getting ready for CincyCon on Mar 21-22

We haven’t posted for a couple of weeks, being hugely busy with playtesting  and preparations for CincyCon.  The new boards are pretty awesome-looking (I’d include a picture, but it wouldn’t do them justice.) but the cards still leave something to be desired, so we’re still working on those.

Huge apologies to all of you still awaiting our bringing the game to you;  everyone’s pressed for time, but we’re learning so much with every group that plays and what you get will be a better game for it, promise!  We have a list of requests and have checked it (at least twice!)  If you want to make sure you’re on that list, email us at

Feedback from our playtesters has been very useful, whether about presentation (such as how to make the text on cards easier to read in lower lighting settings), the writing (“If you reword this, you’ll save text and reduce possible misinterpretations.”), the rules (“I want this feature, and I want it NOW!”), it’s all useful.  It all goes into the Council gristle grinder and comes out as gold.

We’ve made significant improvements in several areas in the past weeks and are very much looking forward to our public debut at CincyCon in six (6!) days.  Bengt will run three sessions but with a limit of 6 players per game we expect to fill up quickly so be sure to grab a reserve ticket while they’re still available.  Players aren’t -required- to have tickets to play but having one guarantees a seat.

That’s all for today, so I’ll leave you with one of my favorite action cards, the Not Quite Dead!P'raps I'll go for a stroll.


  1. I talked with Gary Saum at Cosi reunion the other week, told me about the game and how he enjoyed playing it
    When will this game be available.
    We have Lexicon in a couple of weeks in Lex KY. Are you interested available to show off the game?

    John walker

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