Great Days at the Unpub!

Many thanks to game designer William Baldwin for organizing  Unpub April 5, 2014 1and Epic Loot Games and Comics for hosting this event on International Board Game Day!  We had a great time demoing Grisleigh End as well as playing the unpublished games of many other designers.  Lots of great discussion with players new to boardgames as well as game creators with multiple titles to their names.  We were honored to be part of this gathering, showcasing our newest game materials and really digging into what makes games work.

We also saw a new record score in GE, with one player reaching 96 points!  That was during the game pictured to the right, with Matt Cocuzzi, although that wasn’t his score.  (Sorry, Matt!)

Special bonus for me was having the time to sit down with our own Corey Young and play a session of his awesome GravWell  (now published by Cryptozoic).  This game is a blast!  FAST and way easy to learn.  We were playing within a couple of minutes of opening the box and done less than twenty minutes later.  (I almost won). It’s always a treat to learn a game from the actual creator and talk about the many decisions that led to the final product.  Every game, no matter how simple the rule set, goes through many iterations between inspiration and release into the hands of wild players, and we can learn a great deal from the journeys they make.

Next up, a private consultation with the League of  Games Lawyers this weekend, and then off to FOPCon!



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