The Butler

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the butler, the gentleman’s gentleman. Some might look upon him as a servant, but those individuals labor under a burden of ignorance too prodigious to explore in this small space. No single word or phrase can encompass the scope of his skills or extent of his abilities. More than mere valet de chambre or footman, he enables his employer to exceed the limitations deriving from noble birth and a life of privilege. The Butler

As castellan or seneschal he lifts the load of managing worldly wealth upon his own ever-straight shoulders that his lord might have the leisure to find surcease of care in discreet divertissement. An unfeigned factotum, infinitely capable whether a task calls for dogsbody or majordomo, he assures the proper and efficient functioning of both the masters’ house and the master’s life. Bringing unequalled grace to the roles of khitmatgar and khansama, cupbearer and ostler, he stands ever without self-concern, a squire with no aspiration beyond his station of a bachelor-at-arms. His lord’s advisor and confidante, a paragon of patience and persistence, he provides the infinite dignity every noble is called upon to display. The professional’s conscience, the dilettantes’ living encyclopedia, the inexpert athleticist’s medic, the accomplished adept at the art of improving the appearance of another, the unavoidably invaluable asset in any gentleman’s household, he is and can only be the butler

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