The Secretary

Too few give sufficient consideration to the true power of the secretary. No mere processor of paperwork or note-minder, this keeper of secrets keeps fingers pressed upon the pulses of power within any organization. The strings to which the many dance descend but from one hand, often invisible within a web of other ‘actors.’ Numberless lie the lords and ladies in their tombs who did not recognize their own reliance upon this most invaluable vassal, who paid insufficient homage to upon the altar of information, and who fell from the high seat of honor for this failure. The Secretary

For that is the role of the secretary, to keep the keys to the castle from tallest tower to yawning oubliette, all in the form of information. The secretary need not carry a jingling ring himself, as it matters little who holds the key to any lock when the holder is themselves but a puppet to be played by another, and the master of secrets knows in which ears to whisper his words and cause others to act in accordance with his will. Perhaps the past performance of a transgression, never resolved or expunged, lurks beneath a noble’s fine raiment; perchance an old opponent would wreak revenge were he but to know the true name of a certain member of the manor; it might be that one of the praetorian guard has a predilection for distasteful delicacies only available through forbidden channels. Whatever form the clandestine matter, its value derives from the desire to keep it unknown, a value the secretary may take great pleasure in putting to his use in the pursuit of his own private passions.

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