Grisleigh End Goes Wild (the ‘before’ post)

That’s right, Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion will be at Wild Goose Creative this Sunday, June 29th, as the premier piece of their Game Design Gala!  Come one, come all, and see who has the maddest ransacking skillz as you fight for the prize, a chance to take home a piece of work by our amazing artist, Jon Anderson, the Mystery Whisperer.

Don’t let this guy get it! CincyCon Session4He’s already rubbing his hands together in evil glee and laughing maniacally in anticipation of his victory.  Come out to the Gala and foil his plans!

Origins is a gamer’s delight!

We interrupt this tour of the Redmaynes’ home with a report of the events transpiring the weekend most recent, in specific those taking place at the Origins Game Fair!

This was our first Origins.  It had been hyped a great deal by all and sundry prior to arriving, so expectations were somewhat elevated when we walked in the doors.  As this was at 7:45 am, the first impression was underwhelming.  No merchants were open, very few gamers were visible, hardly anyone around at all, actually.  By the time we’d checked in at registration and Estate of Confusion was set up and ready to play an hour later, on the other hand, the place had begun to wake up.

Our first scheduled session didn’t happen due to shortage of players.  Experiences over the past six months of taking the game around to various conventions has shown that, as a largely unknown game, time slots before 10:00am aren’t likely to fill.  Even games with strong followings didn’t really seem to hit their stride until late in the morning.  Shouldn’t be too surprising, really; gamers generally play late into the night, so rising early might not be at the top of their priority list.Origins 2014 (20)

Fortunately, once people started showing up to the enormous tabletop game room, they started noticing Grisleigh End.  As always, the incredible art brings them in, and the game hooks them.  We ran a couple of sessions with only 3 players, providing needed further testing of the mechanics with the minimum number of participants, and loaded up on others.  Had to turn people away on multiple occasions, either because sessions filled or because we’d run out of time slots.  It’s always bittersweet, having to turn gamers away, particularly when they’re asking to get in a second game after having already played!

It’s also bittersweet finishing up a run of demos.  Grisleigh End has gone to quite a few cons and store events since we started this journey back in January, and Origins was ALMOST the last on the planner.  We will be at Al Jam’s Game Design Gala on Sunday, June 29th, at Wild Goose Creative, but we’re not committed to anything at this time.  Kingmaker’s has invited us to future Demo Days and Gencon is a possibility, so we’ll see how things work out for those.

It’s a bit of a relief but, even as I type this, I’m already starting to miss taking this game on the road.  So, if you want to play a game or two, let us know and we’ll find some venue to set up another trip to the old manor house and find out who is the rightful heir to the fortune of Lord Antony Redmaynes, the late Baron Grisleigh.