Grisleigh End joins the Indie Game Alliance!

Well, actually the Council of Creators, our group that is developing the Grisleigh End games, has joined.  The Indie Game Alliance is relatively new organization itself, with some pretty cool goals.  Firstly, and of greatest importance to Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion, is the promotion of truly independent tabletop game developers such as ourselves.  What better raison d’etre might one have, eh what?

The thing that brought them to our attention is pretty nifty as well, however.  They’ve been building a self-supporting exchange of goods and services, with avid gamers earning in-Alliance credit by providing just those promotional services hardest for a new development studio to do themselves; representing and demoing Alliance member games at distant conventions and other events.  This is perfect for our needs, and I would guess for many other developers in our current situation – we have a game we need to show to gamers, but we can’t get to all of the venues that we’d like to due to time, costs, etc.  So we trade value with other people in the community, to the benefit of both parties.  Yay!  May the Alliance grow mighty!

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