Characters of Grisleigh End: The Dowager

Far be it from me to cast aspersions on another for, howsoever much they may be due and fitting, glass houses and all, you know.  So let me begin on a positive note by pointing out that the Dowager, hight Theodora Katerina Basilia Pavo-Kristatos, has a most discerning eye for integrity, value and character, for so have I heard her state quite unequivocally.  She has made it clear that she is unanimous in this on multiple occasions, and who am I to question the word of such a personage? Therefore shall I none.4Print 53 Dowager

Given, then, that Mrs. Pavo-Kristatos is sensitive to the finest gradations between degrees of class and breeding, it might strike one as odd that she appears wholly unaffected by the effects of an unsettling pong, even one so powerful as to drive other household guests and members from a room.  Some have opined that this undoubtedly stems from her childhood upbringing as a goatherd on a small island of Greek and Cypriot disputation.  Her youth among the odoriferous livestock gave her a nose of iron, so to speak.   Others differ and point, rather, to her unwillingness to acknowledge the existence of such low-born issuances as the vapors, she being of such refined breeding and high station and all.  For her to yield to the eye-watering presence of a great guff, so they say, would be utterly beneath her.  Yet a third group posit that her unequaled applications of Parisian powders and scents provides her an impervious sphere of floral bouquet, and that no hint of anything else, untoward or otherwise, ever reaches her ever-elevated nostrils.

Whether any of these chortling theorists are correct or no, she remains unmoved by these emissions.  Also, a keen observer might note the unusual frequency with which these winds blow in her presence.



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