Characters of Grisleigh End: The Adventuress

Born to missionary parents in the Ukraine while on a cross-European journey, Gertrude Comfort-Smith has never called any place home for long.  Her formative years were largely spent in Japan, where she lived until her parents enrolled her at St. Trinian’s School for Girls to ensure her proper education.  Such a world-spanning upbringing made quite the intrepid young woman of her, encouraging a native bravery undismayed in the face of hazards known to turn older and more physically-stout individuals from their intended paths.  Some might even consider her interest in hazards to bodily health a shade foolhardy.

The Adventuress

The Adventuress

The sport of climbing draws her unlike any other form of divertissement, the lure seemingly growing in proportion with the degree of personal jeopardy.  It is from this penchant rather than any purely physical characteristic or ability that remove the capacity for such things as high cliffs, tall towers, and the proverbial burmese tiger trap to shake her resolve.  She laughs in the face of such dangers, even as she traverses them with relative ease.  Fools rush in, they say, but no less true is it that fortune favors the brave, and this young lady is most certainly that.

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