Going to the Gala!

Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion will be featured at the Game Designers Gala being held this Sunday, October 19th, at Beyond the Board, the Friendly Local Game Store in Dublin, Ohio.  The Galas are a great series of events run by Al Jam, a prolific game designer based in Columbus, Ohio.  At each event, attendees have the opportunity to play a wide variety of games with the people who created (or, in some cases, are in the process of creating) them, and discuss the whys-and-wherefores of the games themselves.    Who did the artwork for your game and how did you find them?  What decisions led to using this mechanic rather than another, more common one? When is this great game going to be available to purchase?  Which came first, the theme or the rules?   How can I get on your playtester list?

From the designer’s perspective, we get to discuss our creations with people whose interests overlap our own, and we get input from gamers that helps us improve our designs.  Playtesting and chatting with gamers at the last Gala Grisleigh End attended thoroughly resolved a change under contemplation at the time, saving us from going down a bit of a rabbit hole back in the lab.

If you’re anywhere near central Ohio this coming Sunday, come on over between noon and 5:00 pm and see what’s on the slab at the Game Designers Gala, and be sure stop by the Grisleigh End table!

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