Grisleigh End Going Mobile!

Alongside the ongoing developments of Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion, our popular and very-well received boardgame, we have been working on a series of mobile games utilizing the same art and story content. In fact, whereas the board game is limited by its medium regarding how much we can fit into it, our mobile designs incorporate a great deal more of Jon’s amazing art and really bring the mystery aspects to the fore.  Each mobile game is an encapsulated murder mystery following the Myst-like genre of gathering clues and tools to unlock portions of the game, escape traps, and eventually solve the central conundrum of whodunnit.

The first in the series, titled Grisleigh End: Murder by Rote, is well along in design and we’ve begun discussing development with other game developers.  In particular, we presented the series design at a high level to the Central Ohio Gamedev Group meetup last month, and got a lot of great input from the folks there.  As non-coders ourselves, we’ve intentionally been technology-agnostic, but this group provided a pretty strong argument for building the game in Unity.  It certainly meets our core criteria, so we’re looking into it as a tool now.MurderbyRote presentation at COGG September 2014

These are also some very encouraging folks!  At the urging of several COGG members, we will be setting up a booth at the upcoming Central Ohio Game Developers Expo to show off what we’ve done and what we’re working on.  More on that soon!

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