Grisleigh End 2015 Con Schedule (Updated)

We are currently looking over the list of gaming conventions for next year, and there are so many to choose from!  Even limiting ourselves to our home region, we’re considering as many as 16 cons, which is a pretty hefty travel schedule for us.  We also expect to go to tabletop happenings that aren’t even on the calendar yet, such as AlJam’s excellent Game Design Gala series and Kingmaker’s Game Design Days.

Here’s what we have on our tentative-but-more-likely-than-others list.  If you want have an event you want us to bring the game to, get in touch with us at

  • January: (Due to an unavoidable conflict, we will not be demoing at the Atlanta Game Fest)
    • The Atlanta Game Fest, in Atlanta GA (Removed)
  • February
    • February 21 – BASHCon at the University of Toledo, in Toledo, OH
    • February 28 – Hoop and Stick Con at Ravenwood Castle, in New Plymouth, OH
  • March
    • March 13-14 – Cleveland Concoction, in Cleveland, OH
    • March 28 – WittCon at Wittenberg University in Springfield, OH
  • April
    • We have a tie between WhosyerCon in Indianapolis  (Removed)
    • April 28 – LexiCon in Lexington, KY
  • May
    • May 1-2 – CincyCon, in Cincinnati, OH
    • May 15-16 – ANCon, in Hudson, OH
    • May 22-23 – Atlanta Game-o-Rama, in Atlanta, GA (Added)
    • May 29-30 – MarCon, in Columbus, OH
  • June
    • June 4-7 – Origins, in Columbus, OH
  • July
    • InConJunction, in Indianapolis, IN
    • Protospiel, in Ann Arbor, MI
  • August
    • ……. (nothing yet)
  • September
    • Buckeye Game Fest, in Columbus, OH
    • GrandCon, in Grand Rapids, MI
  • October
    • ……. (nothing yet)
  • November
    • We have another conflict, this time between Fort Wayne, IN’s PentaCon and Ann Arbor, MI’s U-Con.
  • December
    • Steel City Con, in Pittsburgh, PA

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