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Perfect for the fender of your automobile!


Characters of Grisleigh End: The Mysterious Stranger

Who could this be?

Who could this be?

Try as I might, I have yet to definitively determine the identity of this figure e’en though his (or, dare I say it, her) resemblance has finally been captured, as you may see herein.  One has one’s suspicions, as they say, but the individual in question is a slippery one.

The likelihood that the “mysterious stranger” is either a guest of the Baron or a member of his household remains paramount, although investigation to date has not ruled out the possibility that it might be a person entirely unknown. A study of diverse witness statements has been made in an attempt to remove as many individuals from consideration as might be done, and it seems unlikely to be a member of the household staff déguisée, but no one can yet be considered entirely free of suspicion.

Beyond a study of the figure itself and the working assumption that it is likely to be some visitor to the End, I intend to keep a weather eye out for further appearances.  I am also relying on the aid of a particular informant who has proven most reliable in the past.

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