Hallacious Party Happening!

“The more the merrier!” may be a cliché, and patently false in innumerable situations, but it continues to be applicable to many games and, of course, mysteries.  For what classic cozy mystery would be complete without a gathering of the suspects into a single room?  The nervous shifting of the gaze from one person to another, each one allegedly wondering which of the others could be the villainous murderer?  The anticipatory tension building as the investigator drones on about the building of the case, the gathering of evidence and elimination of false clues? Rising towards a climactic denouement as everyone present becomes increasingly certain either that the killer is about to claim their next victim, or that they themselves are about to exposed as the killer?

Perhaps the lights go suddenly dark and a shot rings out in the blackness, followed by screams and bodies crashing into walls, furniture, the floor!  Or someone’s absence is suddenly called out in alarum – if they’re not here, are they dead or preparing to claim their next victim? A dramatic fainting draws attention to one point in the room as gentlemen rush forward to catch the over-stressed innocent.  Someone discovers that all doors from this room are locked.  A bloody weapon is found unexpectedly and all draw back as if it would lash out at them on its own.

All are possible in their own times and places, but the key is the gathering.  It is an expected element of the genre and so we include it in Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion even though the players of this fabulous board game aren’t seeking a murderer but rather an abandoned fortune.   Come on down and join the party.  Maybe you’ll be the one to take home the prize!

The Hall with suspects


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