Defending the End!

Actually, von Krakenjaeger is doing double-duty today, demoing Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion as well as representing the Airship Passepartout as a weapons specialist, dueling with both nerf guns and umbrellas at the Symposium Games of the International Steampunk Symposium in Cincinnati, OH.  We hold high hopes for his success in these endeavours, both for the sake of his compatriots and in order that he might continue to introduce more gamers to the wonders and delights of a bit of good-natured backstabbing.

We also hope that some of you might be in attendance and able to join in a game!  If not, be sure to look over our itinerary and see where our paths will cross next.  And remember that Grisleigh End games go on wheels so, if you can’t make it to any of our scheduled dates, drop us a note and we’ll see if we work out another opportunity.  Until then, keep your brollies sharp and your nerfs dry!

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