Grisleigh End Goes to Infinity, and Beyond!

An extremely fortuitous conversation at CincyCon this Saturday past brought to my attention a serious calendar error which could have led to the grievous outcome of missing MarCon 50!  Thankfully the mistake was caught in time and Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion will, indeed, be demoing at the Multiple Alternate Realities Convention on its 50th Anniversary.  We are currently signed up for multiple sessions of heir identification on Friday and Saturday (May 8th and 9th), with the intent to offer as many opportunities to win the Baron’s gold as possible.

As we often have in the past, we will be bringing prints of Grisleigh End art as prizes, and a pile of Grisleigh End feelies as swag!  Come and see Le Petit Guignol! See The Coroner!  See Doctor Viktor von Krakenjaeger!  Most importantly, come play the most disturbingly fun game to be found – Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion!

Marcon 2014 (2)

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