It’s ON for Origins!

Were there ever a game convention to attend, the Origins Game Fair this week would be it!  Thousands of games and over twelve thousand players, and Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion will be front and center in the Board Room.  Not on the event schedule, though, so look for us in the CABS space Thursday, Friday and Saturday!  No tokens or ribbons needed to play.

Our very own Jon Anderson, from whose twisty-turny brain Grisleigh End was born, will be there, showing more of his artwork and answering questions about the story of Grisleigh End.  Be sure to ask for his autograph your very own copy of The Coroner, newspaper of the Village Wrydding (watch out for the urchin hawking copies).  And Baron Viktor von Krakenjaeger will be running demos, of course, so keep a weather eye peeled for the cephalopod rising.

GE at OGDE 2014 (2) (631x800)

Jon Anderson

Viktor von Krakenjaeger

Viktor von Krakenjaeger


SEE!  The new board and decks!
HEAR!  The howls of anguish (and laughter) of the players!
FEEL!  The tension mount as the struggle for the fortune grows round by round!
TASTE!  The sweet flavor of victory as you carry the prize from amidst the weeping heap of your fallen foes!
SMELL!  The great pizza sold in the promenade!  (it’s pretty tasty.)

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