The Excellence of Origins Game Fair

Although a good handful of board/tabletop game conventions are several times its size, the Origins Game Fair can be daunting to many.  At 12,000+ attendees it’s an order of magnitude larger than most hobby-gamer gatherings we see the rest of the year around the country, with thousands of events from which to choose across its 5-day schedule.  The volunteer-run Columbus Area Boardgaming Society brings a library of 1,000 games for people to check out and many manufacturers and publishers demo and teach their own games as well.  Teaching is a big thing here; groups such as the Grand Gaming Academy run multiple teaching tracks every day, and kid-specific events also abound.

With all of this going on, you might think a little independent game design team like Grisleigh End might get missed. Au contraire, we ran packed sessions of Estate of Confusion on both days we attended, receiving both rave reviews and great ideas for tweaks to the game!  Several also made good suggestions for promoting the game when we kickstart its publication next Spring.

The Grisleigh Wrydding newsie delivers The Coroner

The Grisleigh Wrydding newsie delivers The Coroner

We largely reserved Sunday for the walk-and-talk business, and had some very good discussions, including a talk with the folks at Ravenwood Castle about a possible Grisleigh End event there and several with publishers with possible interest in bringing Estate of Confusion to the market.  Their initial interest may have been partly attributable to the effectiveness of our newsie, who delivered many copies of The Coroner to attendees around the convention, or to seeing The Big Book of Grisleigh End, a delightful piece of art created by our own Jon Anderson (Book shown here open to display interior and contents).

The Big Book of Grisleigh End

The Big Book of Grisleigh End

An exhausting and exhilarating experience, that we look forward to attending again next year.  If all goes as planned, with stacks of Estate of Confusion in tow!

In the meantime, we have another event for which to prepare.  Hope to see some of you at IndyPopCon!

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