Hi Ho! Hi Ho! Into the Woods We Go!

Hueston Woods, to be specific, the site of the first ever real, “not in someone’s basement” AcadeCon!Origins 2015-079 (57)

Running Grisleigh End: Estate of Confusion sessions there this weekend will be our inestimable Councillor Tom Bolenbaugh and the ever-present Viktor von Krakenjaeger.  Prizes for the winners are a distinct possibility.  Heck, swag for the also-played crowd might even happen!  So come join us for an hour or so of greed-grabby madness in murderous high mystery style this weekend!

Great Day at the Ohio Game Developers Expo

An excellent outing today at OGDE 2015!  Lots of great discussions with designers, developers, musicians, artists and gamers galore.  Had a particular highlight in meeting Chris Cantrell of Angry Cook Productions and being interviewed for his Infinite Game Podcast.  Home again, exhausted but excited by everything from this event, and jazzed about next weekend’s trip to the RPG Academy’s AcadeCon 2015.  Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones across the table!

GE Booth at OGDE 2015

GE Booth at OGDE 2015

Infinite Gamer Podcast Interview

Infinite Gamer Podcast Interview

Ohio Game Developer Expo 2015

Grisleigh End will be making its second appearance at the OGDE this weekend, with new materials and new media.

SEE! Jarndyce surreptitiously slip documents out of sight!

HEAR! Doggett doggedly stick to his interpretation of the evidence!

SMELL! The dust of ages on the Tome of Grisleigh End!

FEEL! The shiny finish on our new business cards!